Powerful Are Our Words And Thoughts

They’re just words, right? What power could they possibly hold over you? And our own inner dialogue – quickly said or thought – what does that matter, anyway?

Well, as it turns out, those words spoken to you as a child become ingrained in you. It doesn’t matter if they were always loving words, or harsh and negative ones. A child who is raised hearing that they are troublemakers, are stupid, will never amount to anything, or are ugly, will continue to hear those words in their head as adults. How will those words affect their pursuit of a career or a relationship?

And what about the words never spoken, yet because of the actions of a parent, still scream loud in your head? What is being “said” by an absent parent to their child? That they’re not worthy of your time and of your love?

If you grew up hearing negative words, and they are still affecting you in your life today, it is time to confront them. There are many different ways to do this, and you will need to choose the method(s) that will ring true to you. Here are some of my ideas:

  • Traditional Counseling
  • Tapping – also known as EFT for Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Forgiveness. Often, your parents were only doing what they knew; it was how they were raised.
  • Positive Affirmations
  • Quantum Biofeedback

If possible, you can also have a discussion with your parents about how their words have affected you as a child and as an adult. If they open up during this talk, it can be an incredible healing experience for both them and you.

Now, to take this further; as an adult, what if you are, or were, in a relationship with someone who belittles you? Over time you may begin to believe what you’re being told. You’ll feel heavy, dragged down, like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. Please don’t fall into that trap. Know that you are even greater that you believe, and stronger than you feel. Make the changes that you need to live the life you so rightly deserve.

2014 is your year. It’s time. Make the changes you need, both physically and emotionally. Ask for, and graciously accept, help for your new journey. This is your time to turn on your soul light. Make this your year to let your light shine bright. And let it be a beacon!


Recognizing the Flow of Intuition

As intuition is associated with feelings, it is common to experience physical or psychological sensations, both when the intuition is flowing and when we are not following it.

Intuition can show as:

  • Goose bumps or tingling up and down the spine
  • Clarity and inner peace
  • Happy butterflies in the stomach
  • And the feeling of “Aaaah! Yes! Of course!”

When we don’t follow it, we feel:

  • A sinking feeling, exhaustion, cold and hot shivers
  • An awareness that “I’ve done it again.”
  • Uneasiness in the stomach
  • A feeling of “Get out of this fast!”
  • Anxiety, depression, feeling trapped

Learning to recognize our own signs is important for a healthy intuition. Following the signs is even healthier! Living with regret depletes our energy and limits our joyful times.