What’s the Difference Between Intuition and Gut Feelings?

“Listen to your intuition. It will tell you everything you need to know”  – Anthony J. D’Angelo


I know there are a lot of people that would argue they are one and the same. Men especially use the phrase “I had a gut feeling” or a “gut reaction” and probably use those phrases from a combination of how they were raised (what their parents, and particularly their fathers, said) and feeling like the word ‘intuition’ is too feminine.

Gut feelings are instantaneous insights that accurately reflect disharmony. However, they can be unconsciously distorted by past experiences with unresolved emotions related to one’s own life. It is therefore important to temper such input with compassion and higher wisdom and be willing to go deep within one’s self so as to clear old prejudices and stories collected from the past.

As an example, you are introduced to someone who has the same first name as a previous boyfriend or girlfriend. On hearing their name, your gut feelings say, “Ugh. I don’t want anything to do with this person.” However, if you stopped and listened to your intuition, it says, “Isn’t it time you moved beyond this issue?”

Intuition is a sensory experience and therefore described as “gut feelings, a hunch, instinct” or felt “in the bones or the waters” while some people have “a nose for it” or “follow their nose.” It is a state of inner knowing which often emerges out of the blue. It is an immediate appreciation by the mind without reasoning. Men and women are equally intuitive; however, men are more apt to act on their intuition more than women by seeing it as ‘instinctual’ and therefore obvious. Women tend to second-guess themselves.

The purpose of intuition is to connect to expanding facets of ourselves, other people, and the world in which we live. When psychic abilities are used purely for material or ego gain, intuition is not evoked, for this inner knowing always leads to:
• Increased soul growth and development
• Increased self-consciousness and awareness
• Increased benefit to all concerned starting with those close and extending to the universe.

Our intuition will never let us down. It is we who let it down by:
• Hearing only what we want to hear
• Failing to trust it fully
• Applying limiting logic
• Not following through on the advice

I’ll have more information on intuition in the days to come, including how to recognize the flow of our intuition and the sources of our intuition.

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Tips For Parents of Spiritually-Gifted Children

I thought I would share with you the tips I have learned from my own experience of growing up with this gift, of being a parent of a gifted child, from talking with others about their own experiences as a child, and from talking with children who have come to me for guidance.

This is what I call my ‘BLAAS’ method of communicating with children:


Please, please, do not accuse them of lying, having an overactive imagination, or making up  stories.


Without interrupting. And hopefully without a shocked expression on your face!


Answer their questions about what they’re experiencing the best way you know how. Be honest if you do not know the answers, and let them know you’ll work with them to find the answers. You can do research online, ask a friend or family member who is gifted, or even ask me.


 Ask your child questions about what they’ve shared with you. In my previous post I shared some questions to ask, such as: Did (or does) it scare you? What did you say to him/her? And how do you feel about it?

There are many other questions you may ask, depending on how much your child has told you about their experience. Here are some more to help you out:

Was the spirit someone you know (such as a departed family member)? Did they say anything to you? Did you talk with them? Could you see the spirit clearly, or was it more of a shadow or outline of a person? Is there a message they want you to give to someone, or were they just here visiting?


If you, yourself, are able to see spirit, please let your child know that. It will become a special bond between the two of you, and deepen your parent/child connection.

I hope my guide has been able to help you. Please let me know if you have any questions.

An Invisable Friend?

Does your child have a friend you cannot see? Talking about seeing a beloved family member who has died? Ah! You are so blessed! You have a child who has “the gift”!

The young are seeing, hearing, sensing with untainted eyes and a mind that has yet to be biased through age and what their family members and peers say and think. You were chosen to be their parent for a reason: to help guide them with this amazing ability they have. If you, yourself, have this ability – wonderful! If you do not; well, this is a learning experience for you.

Please do not ever tell your child that what they see/hear/sense/smell is not real. The main thing to do is LISTEN to them. Listen when they tell you their experience. Ask questions, such as “Did it scare you?”, “What did you say to her/him?”, and “How do you feel about it?” These are all important. It validates for them that you believe in them. Sit with your child as they share their experience with you. Look into their eyes. No matter how uncomfortable you are with this, you need to do it.

Your children need to know that you believe in them, they aren’t crazy, and that you’ll do whatever you can to help them. If you yourself do not have this gift, or do not have the answers for them, please do what you can to find someone who does. Ask them to talk with your child. There is so much peace brought with knowing that you are not alone in seeing spirit. And having someone who can help to guide our young? Priceless.

I was raised with a “matter-of-fact” mother. She was to the point and direct. It was rare to get a story behind a fact. When I was very young and asked who was walking around every night and coming in to see my brother and I, she said it was my grandfather. I asked why, and she said he died shortly before I was born, and always talked about how he couldn’t wait to see his granddaughter. Oh, okay. A few years later my great uncle passed away, and when I told my mom that he was in my room the night before, she just said, “yes, he’s here visiting.” It was just a few days later when a friend was over, and she smelled something when we entered the living room and asked what it was. I told her it was my uncle’s pipe. “Is your uncle here?”, she asked. I said he’s right there in the chair. After a back and forth conversation, I realized she really couldn’t see him. Hmmm…very strange. After she left, I told my mom about what happened. She told me that this wasn’t something we talked about outside the family.

It was then that I knew I was different. It was then I began my silence about it. I was six years old. Oh, there were a few close friends as I grew up and in junior high and high school that I felt I could hint about my gift or even outright tell. I always let my intuition guide me on that.

Looking back, I am glad that my mother at least acknowledged what was going on, and that I knew she also could see spirit. However, I do wish she spoke more about it, and guided me more. I do know now, as an adult, she was only doing what she learned from her mom. As I learned that this was something passed on through the women of the generations, I vowed that I would be different when I had children. I had to do more, say more, teach more. And learn more myself.

“We are not hum…

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” ~ Teilhard de Phardin


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