Space Clearings

There are a lot of misconceptions out there regarding space clearings, house clearings and smudging. I have over thirty years of experience with this and I’ve seen a lot….from a simple house clearing to full-on paranormal activity. So, just what the heck is a space clearing?

It is the burning of incense, wood from the palo santo tree, or plants such as sweet grass, cedar, or sage to purify a space or a person. While many consider it a “New Age” type of thing to do, it’s origins trace all the way back to the ancient Babylonians and Egyptians. Native Americans use this as well as some religions, such as the catholic church, who burns incense and uses the smoke for purification and sanctification.

Clearing spaces with sounds from the beating of a drum to using chimes, bells or rattles can also be used either alone or in conjunction with the burning of whatever product you choose. If allergies prevent you from being near smoke, you may use the liquid form of sage or palo santo in a spray bottle.

So, what are some of the reasons to have a clearing done?

  • Moving to a new home. It releases the energy of the previous occupants. If it’s a newly built house, it will release all the energy of the construction workers and everyone else who was involved in the building of your home.
  • A roommate moving out.
  • There’s been an illness or a death in your home.
  • Family members having bad dreams or frequent arguments happening.
  • Unexplained activity such as hearing footsteps, voices, seeing shadows, or items being moved around.
  • After a repairman was in your home.
  • After a party or other large gathering in your home.
  • At work, you may want your new office cleared of the previous employee’s energy to make way for all your new, exciting energy.
  • Opened a new business, or moved to a new location.

One misconception I do want to clear up is that having a space clearing done in your home will not prevent your loved ones in spirit from visiting you. A clearing will remove unwanted spiritual or paranormal activity in your home and will still allow your beloved parents or grandparents to make their visits. You, and you alone, are the only person who can ask them to stop visiting you if that is what you want.

The term ‘smudging’ is used when you use the sage or product of your choosing to clear your own energy. You will know when to do this based on the feelings you are having. Stressed from a bad day at work or family relations getting to you? Out shopping and didn’t like the energy of the shop or the employees? Were you at a doctor appointment? Time to smudge! These are just some of the reasons or situations in which you would want to clear your energy. If you are empathic this will be a very important thing to do regularly!

Some homes that have had a lot of activity in have been from occupants using ouija boards inappropriately and attracting to them negative entities and wandering spirits. Heavy drug and alcohol use, mental disorders, people dabbling in witchcraft and mystical arts not knowing what they’re doing, and homes filled with emotional and/or physical abuse are a few other reasons for a lot of activity. I’ve seen houses in total disarray and holes punched in walls, having one entity there to quite a few different ones. I’ve had to break out my holy water in a lot of these houses, clear the occupants of attachments, and have twice performed exorcisms. I’ve had them rush at me to attempt to scare me away, and I’ve had the lit end of my sage bundle “blow up” in order to spread the lit sage on myself and the floor in hopes of a fire. My spirit guides are always by my side while I work. By the time I’ve arrived at a location they will have already informed me of the true situation there and will have shown me a particular area of the home where activity is strongest. My husband always goes with me to do these clearings for multiple reasons; ranging from ensuring my safety (he’s a former U.S. Marine, so always vigilant), talking with the occupants while I go through the house, to teaming up with me to remove an entity. Truly a team effort!

I love doing any type of clearings; businesses to homes, simple, moving in to a new space all the way to the really problematic places. It’s all very rewarding!