Asking For Abundance

I am seeing a lot of affirmations lately asking for abundance, such as “I attract abundance into my life.” I have to ask, “An abundance of what?” Surely you are not asking for an abundance of sadness, grief, money or relationship problems!

You need to be specific when you ask the Universe to send you what you desire! Ready for more loving relationships, whether in friendship or romantically? Say, “I attract an abundance of loving people into my life.” Ready to receive more money? Say, “I am ready for an abundance of money continuously flowing to me from many different sources.” Specifics do matter!

Social media is filled with quotes and affirmations. If one draws your attention yet it’s a bit too general for what you desire? Just read it again adding in your specific wants, needs and desires! Are you journaling or doing your own daily affirmations? You have to be detailed and specific. It will cause you to pause and really think about what is really important for you. Ready for that special someone in your life? Consider writing something along the lines of “I love this man in my life! We are very attracted to each other physically and spiritually, he makes me laugh, he’s honest and trustworthy and is ready for a long-term commitment with me.” Change it up to what is important to you – the gender, love of travel, age range, children (wants children, already has children, etc.), location might be important, outlook on life, spiritual/religious views, etc. Just BE SPECIFIC!!!

Now what do you do after you have this written down? I want you to feel the feeling of having this person/money/object in your life. Yes, that’s right! How does it make you FEEL? Joy, happiness, fulfilled, less stress? The Universe responds to your feelings more than your words, so really take in this feeling. And hey – life happens and you might find yourself off-course, discouraged, sad. Just come back to the feeling of what you desire.

Always remember that you are a beautiful being of Light and Love!