Incarnated Elementals


“When you look into the eyes of an Incarnated Elemental, you see twinkles of mischief or playfulness.”

Did you determine that you are an INCARNATED ELEMENTAL from the Earth Angel quiz? According to Doreen Virtue, this is one of the easiest groups to recognize among the realms. Like the Incarnated Angels, elementals physically look like their namesakes: fairies, pixies, elves, gnomes, unicorns, and incarnated animals. Besides the guardian angels we all have, this group has fairies as their protective spirits.

Very often, members of this group have reddish hair (strawberry-blonde, auburn, or full-on red) and a Celtic heritage and/or appearance, such as a ruddy complexion or freckles.

If you are confused about whether you are an Incarnated Angel or an Incarnated Elemental, here are five questions you can ask yourself to help you distinguish between the two realms:

  1. How do I feel about rules? If you’re an Incarnated Angel, you usually obey rules and get angry at people who break them. If you’re an Incarnated Elemental, then you can’t stand rules and think that people who abide by them are wimps.
  2. Is there mischief in my eyes? Elementals are fun-loving beings, often practical jokers, and are always looking for a laugh. Incarnated Angels tend to be serious and polite. If you’re not sure, ask someone close to you if you have a persistent twinkle in your eyes. If you go back-and-forth between naughty and nice, then you may be a MerAngel, which is a hybrid blend of the Angel and Elemental realms.
  3. What type of wings do I have? Angels have feathered wings, while many Elementals have butterfly or dragonfly wings. The wings are etheric, not physical. To determine your wing type, either consult a clairvoyant, or go within and feel for yourself. Focus upon your shoulder blades and feel or see (in your mind’s eye) whether the wings are large, feathery, swan-like appendages or more like buzzing and beautiful butterfly or dragonfly wings.  Also, note your body type: Incarnated Elementals usually have slim bodies, fast metabolisms, and sensitive nervous systems. Incarnated Angels have voluptuous bodies. slow metabolisms, and mellow personalities. The exceptions are Merpeople, who are voluptuous hybrids of both the angel and elemental realms.
  4. What is my relationship to addictions? Most Incarnated Angels are codependents, while Elementals are the addicts. Elementals love to party; Angels love to rescue! The exception is that many Incarnated Angels are addicted to food.
  5. What is my disposition? Elementals tend to have fiery, passionate personality styles, while Angels are patient and calm (at least they appear that way to others).

Sometimes Incarnated Elementals are unsure whether they might actually be from the realm of the Wise Ones. That’s because Elementals have ancient history and relationships with wizards, witches, and sorceresses. So the Wise Ones feel very familiar to Incarnated Elementals. After all, the Elementals were present when the witches were burned, so they may have residual pain from that era, even though they themselves were not killed. They may have memories of the burnings and confuse them with their own recollections. The primary difference is that Elementals are much more playful than Wise Ones, who tend to be extremely serious, or even somber or stern.

In fact, Incarnated Elementals often get themselves into trouble with their wacky sense of humor. Their jokes may be ill-timed, offensive, off-color, or just plain inappropriate. But one of the Incarnated Elementals’ missions is to get the world to lighten up, smile and laugh – even at their own expense. They often become professional entertainers, including comedians, actors, singers, dancers and musicians.

The Elementals are much less people-oriented than the Angels. They like to associate with others so they can party, then they want to be left alone afterwards. Many are in helping professions involving people, but usually because they have a “calling” to do so. Like the Hobbit Frodo in the book and movie The Lord of The Rings, Incarnated Elementals are reluctant heroes who help people because they have to, not necessarily because they want to.

They need a lot of space and alone time, especially outside in nature. Elementals can be shy and very private, even though they’re extroverted in social gatherings. They appear to be very open about their private lives, yet there’s a guardedness that keeps them from revealing their deepest secrets unless they absolutely trust a person – and that’s very rare. They may have an “off-with-their-heads” policy about people in their lives. In other words, when Incarnated Elementals are done with a relationship, they’re really done.

Compared to other Earth Angel realms, Incarnated Elementals are a physically robust group, reporting very few health problems, perhaps because Elementals are more apt to spend time outdoors, hiking and exercising in fresh air and sunshine. Or, maybe their optimism makes them minimize or deny health concerns. The only noticeable health pattern in the surveys submitted by Elementals was a high frequency of depression, and several said they had histories of childhood asthma. This corresponds with reports that fairies are sensitive to airborne chemicals and need to avoid pesticides in their gardens and foods. It could also be claustrophobia from spending too much time indoors, since the Elemental soul needs healthy doses of fresh air.

Incarnated Elementals have fairies, elves or leprechauns with them as spirit guides; and they can call upon these benevolent helpers at any time by thinking the thought: “Please help me!”

Guidance and suggestions if you are an Incarnated Elemental:

  • Spend a lot of time in nature. Take your shoes and socks off and walk in the grass or soil everyday as a way of staying grounded and connected to the earth.
  • Laugh and play. Elementals who don’t play often become depressed. Look for new ways to be silly, have fun, and laugh daily.
  • Manifest consciously. See yourself as healthy, fulfilled, abundant, and loved. Call upon your counterparts in the spiritual Elemental kingdom to help you manifest your desires.
  • Don’t throw fireballs. Elementals’ tempers are legendary, and Incarnated Elementals are no exception. When you throw a fit of rage, be careful, because you’re literally throwing fireballs of hot emotion!  These fireballs can cause the objects of your wrath emotional or physical pain. Your power is like a volcano when you erupt, so please use caution. Plus, the energy can boomerang and cause painful effects for you. If you find that you’ve inadvertently thrown a fireball, extinguish its power immediately by calling upon the spiritual Elementals’ help.
  • Detox. You’re more effective at manifesting with the high, stable energy of sobriety. You’ll also feel happier and healthier with a detoxified mind and body.
  • Engage in environmentalism. Volunteer your time or give donations to charities involved in cleaning the earth or helping animals. Recycle religiously, and purchase nontoxic cleaning chemicals and environmentally friendly products.

I hope that this has resonated with you fun-loving Elementals! As always, please let me know if you have any questions or comments. I do love hearing from you!


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  1. wendykeith1
    Feb 05, 2014 @ 08:27:29

    Hi my name is Wendy Keith I am from a small town in the plains. The center of the United States most people don’t really care for. A friend told me about your web site she said, “this is for you and an outlet I think you need, personally to see you are not alone in this calling.” I scored a 6 on the Incarnated Elements. I do, however, have traits that fit all of the options. I have had a sense to flee right before parental figures show and trouble begins but also am real great at provoking it and sticking around just to cause the chaos. In fact, as a child, my mother had me busy with every activity she could to burn off excess energy so i wouldn’t drive her crazy at home. It worked and I am an accomplished entertainer who had the highlight of her career in the sixth grade. I battle various addictions and wondered many paths. I am hoping that through this blog I could be directed to a more private page that would not be linked to Facebook, twitter, or any other social media site, not that I am ashamed, but this is all new to me. I would like the opportunity to get used to talking with those who understand before going public, we could call it practice. I am not shy but have always be taught to practice and be prepared. I can’t wait to hear others like me tell their stories so to maybe make it easier to share I’ll start with my first clear memory.

    Spring 1981 small town U.S.A. a cute dark eyed girl’s birthday party. The excitement I felt that day was overwhelming to the point i was acting bratty and spastic. So finally it was time and mom and I pulled up to the house and Luner Sunset ran out of her house and said ” Wendy, Wendy I’m so glad you are here, you are my best friend, lets go play.” Off we went and played we did. Finally we were called in for presents and cake and ice cream and that’s when I noticed I was the only girl that was allowed to attend the birthday party. I remember almost crying at her party but deciding if she is happy why them am I sad. She opened presents we ate cake got extra parting gifts and my mom picked me up and home i headed. i couldn’t make it I just started crying explained how angry I was and how i didn’t understand how cruel the other girls could be not even showing up. I knew it hurt Luner’s feelings but was real proud, she just went on like, oh well there loss.

    Now as an adult I know the feelings I had before, was knowing, they were not going to show, but, not knowing how to express it. I was her angel that day, I showed up, I showed her she was important to me. I showed her i didn’t care about the others, and what they or their parents thought. This is one event I am still proud of today. I did run into her about 18 yrs later and she said thanks and it felt pretty darn good. Being an angel is awesome I love it.



  2. spiritwings1
    Feb 06, 2014 @ 07:30:52

    Hi Wendy! Welcome! I am so happy that a friend of yours sent you here! Scoring a 6 in this category, you are definitely a high-spirited Elemental!

    I understand your hesitancy in being public about your spiritual self. I grew up always being told not to tell anyone of my gifts and it was a big leap of faith to open up. It is so comforting to know that there are others who feel the same way we do, and such a blessing to be able to learn from one another on our journey in this life.

    I hope you continue checking in with my blog, explore some other sites, and stretch those lovely wings of yours. I send you love and light.


  3. The Voice of a Soul
    Feb 06, 2014 @ 08:02:51

    Wow I’d love to read more about this. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    Much love and light,


    May 12, 2014 @ 12:20:12

    4 different psychics told me that I am incarnated angel, 2 psychics told me that my son is an incarnated angel, while 1 psychic said my daughter is an incarnated angel, but the other psychic said she is an incarnated elemental. (I think she is an elemental, as she fits that really well). Is it common to have mother-son both incarnated angel and mother-daughter as angel-elemental? My daughter never liked me since she was born. (since 2 months old, she will stop laughing as soon as I get close to her). Is there such conflict between angel and elemental?


    • spiritwings1
      May 26, 2014 @ 20:35:26

      Yes, there can be conflict between an angel and an elemental. You follow the rules, and expect your children to, whereas the elemental seems to have this mission to not obey rules or authority. I know this relationship well, as my daughter is an Elemental, and I’m a Mystic Angel. It was a struggle at times while she was growing up! She is grown now, a wife and mother, and we have such a wonderful relationship. So there is hope! When parenting an elemental, it is important to make things fun for them. Make up a game of doing chores, and while it may be hard for you, give in and do some silly playtime with her. This is spoken from my own experience; my daughter, until she was no longer a teen, would always say that I was ‘no fun’, and would much rather hang out with her dad, who is part elemental himself. This is a regret of mine, and have made it a point to be silly with my grandchildren. I hope this has helped you out. I send love and blessings to you!


  5. Cindy Sedaker
    Apr 06, 2015 @ 03:02:17

    I am definitely this.. I am depressed// I have gained weight and am inside too much from the horrible winter..I recently made a vow to not drink for the next year which I am happy about and am truly mostly happy when I am outside.. My name is Cindy Sedaker birthday 3/17/1957.. havent laughed a lot lately but the tide is changing.. much clearing done.. much work and Im a little tired right now.. working with a very gifted master right now and working on Mother Earth right where I live right now.. Have cleared trapped souls and negative thought patterns.. There was an incident from thousands of years ago right under the building where I work.. recent clearing has left me beaten up.. tired.. but a horrific festering wound on our Mother has been cleared and is healing as we speak.. Trees here speak to me and I am opening up in ways I never thought possible.. thank you for the suggestions in your article.. I will take them very to heart. Blessings.. Cindy


  6. Cindy Sedaker
    Apr 06, 2015 @ 03:17:30

    I said right now too much.. lol.. its late.. ha.. I was definitely meant to move over into this area which I did last October.. I live now in Johnstown NY and have discovered at least 3 lifetimes I have lived here already.. I am a traveler.. have worked in many states and places.. I have been a registered nurse for 36 years and I love the work.. when corporation doesnt interfere.. I am a massage therapist and am level II reiki and have taken classes in polarity.. this is the direction I feel drawn to.. My favorite nursing by far has been my on call hospice nursing. I love helping people pass.. more than level 1 trauma nursing which I have done.. Have dealt with demons/ aliens and witches. here in Johnstown and have learned a great deal about protection/ detachment and my purpose. . it has been interesting to say the least.. Recently .. long before I read this, I have realized I missed the me that has been hidden these past few years.. I love to laugh.. love to play practical jokes. and love being active outside when and where ever I can. and need to get this back into my life. My teacher told me I was a nature spirit.. is this the same thing? I am curious..


  7. Cindy Sedaker
    Apr 06, 2015 @ 03:20:44

    oh and btw.. hate rules.. hate authority and have gotten myself into trouble many times.. getting better at it in my later years, but still prefer being as far away from any corporate influence as possible


  8. Cressida
    May 17, 2016 @ 09:56:58

    Love it! I am an incarnate elemental for sure! The Fae have been calling to me again now I’m in a spot of hardship with my mother and they have been so sweet! I’m akways called a pixie/fairy/elf! And I can’t deny I’ve also always been terribly mischievous haha! I even have unexplained pointy-squished ears!! Lovely article and a great reminder of the activities and circumstances that invigorate us and fill us with purpose xxxxx


  9. Jaana
    Aug 24, 2016 @ 20:27:28


    I’m trying to figure out if the elemental part fits !? I’m a wise one, yet the elemental personality also fits! Is it also possible to be 3/?!

    I feel a connection also with the angel realm , and have been saved by angels that have come to my aid, I’m going to see if the fairys and trolls or leprechauns come to my aid as well?!

    Thank you for this insight!!:))))


  10. Belinda
    Apr 22, 2017 @ 03:39:29

    Thank you thank you thank you–Jacque! YOU are a precious angel and thank you for all the descriptions so entertaining and helpful! Sorry to find you so late (2017) wish i would have read three years ago! I’m a fairy mostly (incarnated elemental) –but could also be a merfairy–love the water! And I knew i was a fairy when I was a kid but of course not everyone was supportive! 🙂 Appreciate all your wisdom and insight and grateful for the permission to be me and not take any prisoners! I LOVE having fun and I LOVE having fun! Deep gratitudel for your love and grace to share your knowing! XOXOXO


  11. Vanessa
    Nov 28, 2017 @ 14:23:14

    This helped me so much. I had much confusion until I came across this. It explains so much and also explains me. Thank you.


  12. Mirela
    Nov 29, 2019 @ 22:17:43

    Heloo I suspect i might be an incarnated elf,so if anyone could give me their opinion it would help.First of all,i never obeyed social rules so I was often called very impolite.I am very mischievous when I relax,but that Is rare because I tend to be very shy and sensitive to other people opinions.It makes me depressed when i dont have anyone to make a good laugh with for a long time,and that is such a rare thing.Also I have a soul family member who is definitely an incarnated elf,also I am claircognizant so that is how I know it.I am very short female,157 centimeters,and have very tiny ears(I was even asked if I am a fairy once,but I like elves more).My mission is to become a scientist(I am very talented student,especially in biology) and save the Earth of global warming simply because I do not find purpose in anything else.I like acting,dancing,singing and I am a scout.


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