Sources of Inner Wisdom or Intuition

These may vary according to the belief system of the individual, although it is not important to have a religious or spiritual belief in order to be intuitive. Ideas include:

  • Instinctual intuition, innate to our animal nature, a survival mechanism and to which, as human beings, we add experience, observation and cultural guidance to develop wisdom.
  • A history of knowing things, a quality passed down through the families, possibly through the genes. These people are known as the seers, or wise women.
  • Insight emerging from one’s higher self or inner self, the part of us which does not incarnate into the physical form, possessing a wisdom which is beyond minor, ego-based concerns.
  • Intuitive awareness coming through guidance, assuming a direct connection with the world of spirit or beings on other planes of existence. Links include with those who have passed over, such as ancestors or with those lovingly involved with the spiritual well-being of the individual. Intuitive guidance is commonly generated by Spirit Guides, by those of the Angelic realms and by the Masters.
  • Contact with the Collective Unconscious
  • Connection with God or the Creative Force
  • A whole brain experience where reception occurs through the right brain before passing across the corpus callosum to be brought into focus by the left-brain.

I strongly relate to #2 on the list, as I was born knowing things. Things that I shouldn’t have known at such a young age, however I did somehow. I also have a strong connection with my Spirit Guides and believe that my higher self has a lot to do with my intuition.

Which of these ideas do you resonate with? Do you believe you have another source for your intuition; one that I did not list? If you’re open to sharing, please leave a comment for me. We’re here to learn from each other!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tonya
    Feb 11, 2013 @ 03:41:53

    I relate to # 2 as well. I’m really enjoying your blog! 🙂


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