Sources of Inner Wisdom or Intuition

These may vary according to the belief system of the individual, although it is not important to have a religious or spiritual belief in order to be intuitive. Ideas include:

  • Instinctual intuition, innate to our animal nature, a survival mechanism and to which, as human beings, we add experience, observation and cultural guidance to develop wisdom.
  • A history of knowing things, a quality passed down through the families, possibly through the genes. These people are known as the seers, or wise women.
  • Insight emerging from one’s higher self or inner self, the part of us which does not incarnate into the physical form, possessing a wisdom which is beyond minor, ego-based concerns.
  • Intuitive awareness coming through guidance, assuming a direct connection with the world of spirit or beings on other planes of existence. Links include with those who have passed over, such as ancestors or with those lovingly involved with the spiritual well-being of the individual. Intuitive guidance is commonly generated by Spirit Guides, by those of the Angelic realms and by the Masters.
  • Contact with the Collective Unconscious
  • Connection with God or the Creative Force
  • A whole brain experience where reception occurs through the right brain before passing across the corpus callosum to be brought into focus by the left-brain.

I strongly relate to #2 on the list, as I was born knowing things. Things that I shouldn’t have known at such a young age, however I did somehow. I also have a strong connection with my Spirit Guides and believe that my higher self has a lot to do with my intuition.

Which of these ideas do you resonate with? Do you believe you have another source for your intuition; one that I did not list? If you’re open to sharing, please leave a comment for me. We’re here to learn from each other!


What’s the Difference Between Intuition and Gut Feelings?

“Listen to your intuition. It will tell you everything you need to know”  – Anthony J. D’Angelo


I know there are a lot of people that would argue they are one and the same. Men especially use the phrase “I had a gut feeling” or a “gut reaction” and probably use those phrases from a combination of how they were raised (what their parents, and particularly their fathers, said) and feeling like the word ‘intuition’ is too feminine.

Gut feelings are instantaneous insights that accurately reflect disharmony. However, they can be unconsciously distorted by past experiences with unresolved emotions related to one’s own life. It is therefore important to temper such input with compassion and higher wisdom and be willing to go deep within one’s self so as to clear old prejudices and stories collected from the past.

As an example, you are introduced to someone who has the same first name as a previous boyfriend or girlfriend. On hearing their name, your gut feelings say, “Ugh. I don’t want anything to do with this person.” However, if you stopped and listened to your intuition, it says, “Isn’t it time you moved beyond this issue?”

Intuition is a sensory experience and therefore described as “gut feelings, a hunch, instinct” or felt “in the bones or the waters” while some people have “a nose for it” or “follow their nose.” It is a state of inner knowing which often emerges out of the blue. It is an immediate appreciation by the mind without reasoning. Men and women are equally intuitive; however, men are more apt to act on their intuition more than women by seeing it as ‘instinctual’ and therefore obvious. Women tend to second-guess themselves.

The purpose of intuition is to connect to expanding facets of ourselves, other people, and the world in which we live. When psychic abilities are used purely for material or ego gain, intuition is not evoked, for this inner knowing always leads to:
• Increased soul growth and development
• Increased self-consciousness and awareness
• Increased benefit to all concerned starting with those close and extending to the universe.

Our intuition will never let us down. It is we who let it down by:
• Hearing only what we want to hear
• Failing to trust it fully
• Applying limiting logic
• Not following through on the advice

I’ll have more information on intuition in the days to come, including how to recognize the flow of our intuition and the sources of our intuition.

Love this!